Process Heat

Besides building air conditioning cooling energy is needed in several industrial and commercial areas like i.e.: pharmaceutical industry, electrical industry, printing- and media-industry, food industry, agriculture (milk cooling, piggery cooling).

Process cooling can be subdivided into two main applications:

    1. Cooling of machines, which have to be driven for production processes (e.g. cooling of hydraulic oil)
    2. Cooling as a part of the production process (e.g. milk cooling)

Conventionally cooling has to be generated by compressors that causes considerable electricity costs for the producers (electricity capacity prices and electricity working prices).

In many cases process heat generated in a production process can be used as a free running energy for the sorption technology, which generates the necessary cooling energy for the process cooling. Possible surplus can be sold.

Heat recovery i.e. for milk cooling

Reference Bakery Härdtner

Regarding our reference project of the bakery Härdtner in Neckarsulm, hot water is generated over a heat recovery plant from the waste gas of the steam boilers (necessary for the production ovens), which is used for the hot water generation and for heating during the heating period and freely available for the customers.

Because the heat can not be used during summer and the high temperatures in the production area and in the upper offices, this heating energy is used to run an absorption chiller, which generates 7°C cold water for cooling purposes.