Local and district heat

The efficiency of power plants is continuously being increased. Because the efficiency for the generation of electricity is limited, the waste heat is no longer being disposed by cooling towers but being used by local and district heat networks to increase the efficiency of the whole system and to sell the heat as an additional product.

Here, as in the case of CHP-units, the problem is that in the summer months the heat is often not needed. The sorption technology can create this energy demand and so increase the sale of heat for the network operators.

Local chillers for the customer

  1. Contracting: The operator himself invests and can sell cold to the customer
  2. The customer buys a chiller and buys the heat from the operator

Central chillers

A further possibility is the installation of central chillers near the plant where the cold is lead over cold networks to each consumer.

Additional advantage for the network operator: Through the generation of cold out of heat, expensive peak power in the peak period for air-conditioning during the summer months can be saved. This of course not only applies for the plant operators but also for the end customer that generates his cooling energy through heat and not through electricity anymore.