CHPC/ Combined heat and power generation

The combined heat and power generation has been an established technology on the market for several years in small and big capacity ranges.

Several motor technologies allow an operation with different fuels. Through driving a generator, electricity and as a by-product waste heat is generated. This can be used for hot water generation and for heating.

The economical function of CHPC-units depends in most cases on the yearly operating time. The often occurring issue is that during the summer months, there is no heat consumer and in consequence no heating demand.

As a result, the combined heat and power plant shuts down or the heat has to be cooled down through an electrically driven emergency cooler.

Sorption technology is the solution for this problem.

Through the connection of the combined heat and power generation with the sorption technology a heat sink in the summer, longer operating times and a higher efficiency of the whole system is created. Furthermore customers can be supplied with cold besides power and heat:

longer operating times through combined heat and power generation
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