chillii® Absorption Kits - NH3

Our absorption cooling systems NH3 with the working pair ammonia/water are available with a nominal cooling capacity from 20 kW onwards. These systems are suitable for applications with low temperatures in the cooling circuit up to -10 °C. Nominal temperatures for the absorption cooling systems are 6 °C.

Typical fields of application for our chillii® Absorption Kits are:

  • Office air conditioning
  • Hotels
  • Air conditioning of private households
  • Process cooling
  • Food cooling
  • Milk cooling
  • etc.

We would be pleased to support you with the planning and Implementation of your project. As a first step we offer you and your clients to draft your climate friendly cooling system using the attached data collection form. The system design draft provides to you with the opportunity to evaluate your benefits on the basis of your local conditions and in consideration of the weather data of your location.

Download data collection form

For further information or if you are interested in installing a chillii® Cooling Kit please send us an email to or contact one of SolarNext´s trained and accredited partners.