The use of biomass as an energy source in the fields of biogas plants and wood burning for heat generation is continuously growing worldwide.

In the special field of agriculture wood chip plants are often used for the generation of heat, because farmers have their own forests and so dispose of cheap fuel.

Biogas plants are also mostly settled close to big farms, because they deliver the necessary biomass and are supposed to have short ways for the transport. The generated biogas is either being prepared and inducted into gas networks or locally transformed into electricity and heat through combined heat and power plants.

In both cases cheap heating energy is generated. This heat can be transformed into cooling energy by running sorption chillers. Farmers often need cold for milk and piggery cooling.

Furthermore, the cold can be sold to nearby manufacturing companies for process cooling or to hotels for air conditioning of rooms.

Combined heat and power plants driven with biogas also need cooling. Water has to be condensed from the biogas, which currently works over integrated compressors. Also in this case, cooling with sorption technology is a thinkable solution.

Canola field