chillii® System Controller

Included functions

  • Heat sources (e.g. solar, back-up-heater,…)
  • Heat and cold storage tanks
  • Domestic hot water
  • Chiller
  • Re-cooler
  • Heating/ cooling circuits


  • Unique controller for thermally driven heating and cooling systems
  • Heating/ cooling management system by top-level system controlling for best resource efficiency and highest comfort levels
  • Intuitive customer guidance with plaintext touch screen display
  • Many comprehensive hydraulic alternatives controllable with only one device
  • Easy remote service/ maintenance and integration into computer networks
  • Highest system efficiency through
  • Demand oriented energy generation
  • Preferential usage of renewable energy sources
  • Optimised operation of sorption chillers
  • Highly efficient operation of re-cooler
  • Rotation speed control of pumps and the re-cooler fan
  • Support of high efficiency technologies (e.g. pumps and fans with EC-motors)
  • Easy upgrade for highly complex facilities via extension modules
  • Integrated data logging with SD-memory card for easy and cost-effective system setting and service
  • Multi-usability of controller even without cooling device

Download product flyer chillii® System Controller H / chillii® System Controller HC

For further information or to investigate installing a chillii® System Controller please contact one of SolarNext´s trained and accredited partners.